• Never use damaged or corroded cylinders, This can lead to leaks and fires. Check the date stamp, By law cylinders must be tested every 10 years.
    Always store and use cylinders upright.
    Cylinders should be housed in a suitable enclosure.
    Check cylinders for dents and corrosion, especially around the base.
    Never attempt to remove or repair cylinder valves.
    Never expose cylinder to extreme heat.
    Never incinerate an empty cylinder, It may explode.
    Never try to fill your own cylinder, Only trained persons using special equipment can do so safely.
    Posted: Thursday 15 October 2020
  • LPG and natural gas heaters are used widely to warm New Zealand home and businesses. Used wisely, gas is instant, reliable, efficient and safe. However, like any other form of energy it must be treated with respect to prevent accidents.
    In small rooms (eg bedrooms and bathrooms) a permanently installed gas heater may only be used in restricted circumstances. Ask a licensed gasfitter for advise.
    Don't use unflued gas appliances, such as LPG cabinet heaters or instantaneous water heaters in small rooms or in bedrooms and bathrooms.
    Posted: Thursday 15 October 2020
  • Gas appliances need to be operated and maintained in accordance with their operating instructions (where applicable), to ensure they remain safe in normal use, and are only used for the purpose for which they were designed and tested.
    Posted: Wednesday 14 October 2020