Gas Hob Installations


If you’re looking for a Gasfitter for a safe and reliable gas hob installation or service, get in touch with us first. 

Building, renovating or simply swapping over a gas hob or cooker?

At JVS Gasfitting we are available for your gas hob installations and servicing throughout the Auckland region. We have years of experience in all things gas and your safety is our top priority. 

Using a Gas hob is an efficient and reliable way of cooking. It's no wonder most Chefs choose to use them. Did you also know that you can still use your gas hob in a power cut too, a huge bonus when it comes to cooking dinner or wanting to have a cup of tea or coffee when you have a planned outage or an unexpected power cut.

The installation of a gas appliance should always be carried out by a registered Gasfitter. This will ensure that your appliance is correctly fitted and meets NZ regulations, keeping you and your family safe.

So if you're looking for a gasfitter to install gas at your place for the very first time, replace or service your current cooktop or cooker get in touch with us first.

Ready to discover the benefits of cooking with Gas?

The main benefits of cooking with gas are
  • Easy to control heat
  • Even heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheaper to run
  • Instant heat
  • Works during a power cut
Its no wonder most restaurants choose to cook with gas! get in touch if you're ready to discover these benefits yourself.

Gas Hob & Cooker Installations

At JVS Gasfitting we are available for all your LPG and Natural Gas hob and freestanding cooker installations.

There are many rules and regulations in New Zealand that we need to follow to make sure your gas hob installation is compliant. 

However you can help ensure seamless installation by

  • Carefully measuring the cutout in the kitchen bench top from underneath as not all hobs have the same cut out size.
  • Reviewing the installation guide for the hob you're thinking of buying will inform you of the things you need to have in place to meet compliance before the installation can go ahead. These installation guides are usually found online so you should be able to check that your chosen hob will fit in with your kitchen before you purchase the appliance. We must follow these requirements in the installation manual to meet compliance so if you have checked these requirements are in place it will ensure that the installation can go ahead and that another visit isn’t required. 
So whether you're installing gas cooking at your place for the very first time or you're replacing your gas cooktop or cooker we can help you. 

Pricing for our installations can be found below our testimonials further down the page, Get in touch to discuss what you need to have in place prior to the installation being able to go ahead.

Gas Hob & Cooker Service

If you have a gas hob with a weak flame or a gas hob that isn't functioning as it should, it's probably in need of a service. That's where we come in.

At JVS Gasfitting we are available for all your gas hob services Auckland wide, we will provide you with a reliable and efficient service for your gas hob or cooker and will provide a gas safety certificate.

It's really important to maintain servicing of your gas appliances. Most gas hob manufacturers recommend having your hob serviced annually. Regular servicing also helps to ensure efficiency, continued safe use and provides peace of mind.  

Call us today and you'll be cooking up a storm in no time.

Pricing can be found further down the page.

We offer competitive pricing and aim to make the installation process as smooth as possible so get in touch with us first.

Gas Hob & Cooker Installation Pricing 

Swapover of your existing Gas Hob/Cooktop


Swapover of existing Gas Freestanding Cooker


New Installation of Gas Hob/Cooktop


New Installation of Gas Freestanding Cooker


*The above prices are our set charges for residential LPG gas hob and LPG freestanding cooker installations on a 9KG bottle set up (does not include the appliance). Please contact us to discuss pricing for Natural Gas installations. 

In some cases more pipe may be required then what our set price includes or there may be compliance issues with your current installation so additional charges may apply. However in most cases this is what you can expect to pay. 

*Price is not final until we know your job requirements and have given you a price. 


Found JVS just by random on the website to do gas hob change over. Jason was on time, knew what he was doing and friendly. He took the effort to check the outside gas meter too and gave me some tips on how to save on my water gas heating. Most important, the price is fair. I strongly recommend JVS Gasfitting without reservation.

Danny 10th February 2021 - left on No Cowboys 

In a world full of tradies with very very poor communication skills, JVS are bucking the trend and are top notch. Excellent comms. Great advice. Turned a non compliant cooktop into a smart, fully compliant solution with bespoke steel work commissioned as well as fitting replacement cooktop.Thoroughly recommend them.

David Coventon - left on Google My Business 2023

Jason did an awesome job fitting our new kitchen gas hob. He was a great communicator. Took pride in his work and was a just genuine good guy. Even when we ran into trouble with the other builders and trades and everything was delayed, he made sure our gas was installed safely and effectively. Thanks again!

Paul 25th August 2020 -  left on No Cowboys Profile

The service we got from Jason when installing our gas stove was most impressive. He was very professional and very knowledgeable. He informed us about things no-one else pointed out. His communications were outstanding, fast and efficient! Exactly the sort of tradesperson one wants to deal with! Very highly recommended 10/10!

Martin 1st August 2022 -  left on No Cowboys Profile

Gas Hob & Cooker Service


  • Includes Gas Safety Certificate
  • Does not include any parts or materials if required
  • Price includes GST


How much do Gas Hob or Freestanding Cooker repairs cost?

We can't give you an exact cost until we have assessed the job, however if you give us a quick call or email and describe the issues you're having we can give you an indication of what you can expect to pay. 

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