Jules- 8th Jul, 2015

We had an appliance to install. From the commencement of the installation it appeared we had “bush-wacked” and were dealing with an ever circling “dark posse”. Then “out of the East” came JVS Gasfitting Ltd. Jason took over the situation, installed and certified the appliance including preparing and fitting stainless steel surrounds. True to his word ( something that had been missing previously) he organised and completed all aspects of the work to an excellent standard. From our experience, take care when stores recommend installers, check them out, but if installing gas fittings we strongly recommend JVS Gasfitting Ltd.

Absolutely BRILLIANT & PROFESSIONAL.. 100 % … Hell of a Nice Guy !!! …. We had a very technical job, which needed absolute accuracy & skill. Jason followed through to get everything Perfect. Can’t Praise him enough !!!!!!!

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