Providing Residential & Commercial Gasfitting Services Auckland wide


Providing Residential & Commercial Gasfitting Services Auckland Wide

We’re here for all your gasfitting needs, contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a gasfitter. 

Your Auckland Certifying Gasfitter

If you have a gas appliance that's playing up or if you're wanting to install or service a gas appliance in your home or workplace, you're going to need a registered gasfitter. 

That's where we can help, we are available for all your residential and commercial gasfitting needs throughout the wider Auckland region, including the North Shore, West Auckland, Central Auckland, East Auckland and South Auckland and no job is too small.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and believe that this is reflected in the customer testimonials we receive and in the fact we have many customers who continue to use our services year after year.  


Financial Year End Sale

15% off our 9KG Hob and Cooker residential installations during March. Get in touch with us to discuss your installation.

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Ready to switch to gas or replace an existing hob? Enjoy the benefits of cooking with gas.


Sick of running out of hot water? With gas you’ll never have to fear a freezing shower again.


Ready to add or upgrade a gas fire? let us help add a touch of warmth and style to your home


Regular servicing of your gas fire can extend the life of the fire and help keep it running efficiently


We can take care of your gas repairs & maintenance for both residential and commercial premises.


Safety is our top priority. We can identify and fix gas leaks, helping to keep you and your property safe.


Has your gas supplier requested your first connection is done by a gasfitter? we can check its all compliant and connect your gas bottles


Has your gas hose got a leak or is ageing and needs replacing? It's important to ensure there is no wear and they have not split.


Gas Hob Installations and servicing 

The installation of a gas appliance should always be carried out by a registered Gasfitter. This is a legal requirement and will ensure that your appliance is correctly fitted and safe to use. 

At JVS Gasfitting we are available for all your gas hob installations and gas hob servicing Auckland wide including the North Shore, West Auckland, Central Auckland, East Auckland and South Auckland.

So if you're looking at replacing your electric cooktop with gas, wanting to upgrade your current gas hob or you're wanting your hob serviced give us a call.

Gas Hose Replacement

Has your gas hose split or is showing wear and tear? It is recommended to check these over and replace them as needed. We suggest changing them both at the same time. This way you will know they are both the same age and you will pay less as you’re paying one call out and minimum hour charge instead of possibly needing to replace the other hose in the near future.

Gas Bottle Connection

Have you recently moved to a new house or switched gas bottle suppliers? Some gas suppliers do require that the bottles from the first delivery are connected by a gasfitter. At JVS Gasfitting we can check over the installation to ensure it all meets compliance and connect your gas bottles, giving you peace of mind at the same time.





Gas Hot Water Conversions & Installations

Are you thinking of installing a gas hot water unit? At JVS Gasfitting we offer free no obligation quotes for gas hot water installations. This way we can provide you with an accurate quote for your job requirements.


Gas Fire Servicing

At JVS Gasfitting we perform many gas fire services every year and have an extensive knowledge in gas fire servicing.

It's really important to service your gas fire as often as the manufacturer states and this may also be a requirement of your insurance company. 

Regular servicing of your gas fire can extend the life of your gas fire, help to keep your gas fire running efficiently and can increase the heat output for your gas fire. 

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Compliance and safety checks of your gas installations

Have you moved into a new property with gas or have you been thinking about getting your gas installation checked over?

We offer compliance checks where we can go through our checklist to ensure that the gas installation has been done correctly and meets NZ requirements.

Unfortunately from time to time we do come across non compliant gas installations. Let us check over your installation so you have peace of mind that you and your family are safe.  

The price to check a residential gas installation is $172.50. This price includes GST and does not include any parts/materials. 










How do I know if a Gasfitter is registered/certified

Save yourself from accidentally hiring a Gasfitter who isn't qualified by asking for their card. All authorised Gasfitters must carry their New Zealand practising license. Ask to sight it before any work starts. You can also search the register on the PGDB website. At JVS Gasfitting we have the top gasfitting qualification which is the Certifying Gas fitter license.

Can I do any Gasfitting myself?

New Zealand is a nation that likes to DIY, when it comes to Gasfitting though there isn't a lot you can legally do. Visit the PGDB website to check its legal and for all consumer information.

Do I need to service my Hob or Cooker?

Just as you service your car you need to regularly service your gas hob/cooktop and gas fire . Each manufacture is different so its best to check the appliance manual for your gas appliance. For most gas appliances it is usually every 1-2 years. Regular Servicing can help extend the life of your gas appliance and will help to ensure it is running at its best.

How can I be prepared for a seamless gas hob installation?

There are many rules and regulations in New Zealand that we need to follow to make sure your gas hob installation is compliant. This is why you must never chose to DIY when it comes to gas. However you can help ensure seamless installation by

  • Carefully measuring the cut out in the kitchen bench top from underneath as not all gas hobs have the same cut out size even though they are 60cm or 90 cm hobs.
  • Reviewing the installation guide for the gas hob you're thinking of buying will inform you of the things you need to have in place to meet compliance before the installation can go ahead. These installation guides are usually found online so you should be able to check that your chosen gas hob will fit in with your kitchen before you purchase the appliance. We must follow these requirements in the installation manual to meet compliance so if you have checked these requirements are in place it will ensure that the installation can go ahead and that you wont be charged for another visit.

Do you have experience in Gas Fire Servicing?

At JVS Gasfitting we service many gas fires each year so have an extensive knowledge in gas fire servicing. We were the service agent for Ignite fire place studio before they closed down in 2023 and service many of their customers Real Fire gas fires every year. We are also the service agent for The Fireplace shop in Mt Eden for their Jet Master gas fires. We service most brands so whether its an Escea, Rinnai, Jet Master, Real Fires gas fire or another brand you can book your gas fire service in with us and can rest assured you're getting a gasfitter who really knows his stuff.

Do you provide Gasfitting services for Property Managers?

Yes we provide our gasfitting services for Property managers / companies. We have insurance through State Insurance and can provide a certificate of currency on request to show our insurance is up to date. 

Do you have Insurance

Yes we have our insurance cover through State insurance.

Do you have any testimonials I can read?

We have over 200 testimonials which can be viewed on our website. The original reviews can be viewed on our google my business listing profile and on our No Cowboys profile.

How does your pricing work?

Some of our services have set prices and others we charge by the hour. Our minimum hour charge is $172.50 inc GST. This is made up of a call out charge ( vehicle and admin charges ) and minimum hour labour ( does not include parts/materials). After the first hour you will be charged in 15 minute intervals. If a gas certificate is required it will be additional $120.75 inc GST. We are always more then happy to give you a price over the phone or email where we can.

Do you provide quotes or estimates?

We have set pricing for our gas hob / cooker, freestanding cooker installations, gas hob servicing and gas fire servicing. We are more then happy to provide this pricing via email or over the phone. We also have these listed on our website under those relevant pages. For gas hot water installations we do need to come out as we need to get all the relevant information to be able to provide you with a free no obligation quote because no one likes extra costs thrown in at the end.



We are more then happy to answer any questions you may have so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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